Londolozi 9 to 11 August 2017

Giving our clients the ability to make their own images

A critical part of any time spent with any of our (Africa Photographic Services) tutors or hosts, is that they empower you to be able to create your own images long after the time they spent with us on safari. In essence if we have done our job well enough you would not require our services again. There is however an invaluable amount that can be learnt from just spending time with anybody that is completely dedicated to their craft. We are constantly pushing our own knowledge, which allows us to help our clients again and again. This is reflected by the amount photographers that repeatedly return year after year to spend time with our tutors and hosts.

Start of our busy time at Londolozi

Our relationship with Londolozi is constantly growing, its an honor to be the preferred photographic hosting and tutor services for a property with such a rich history of Safari. So as the whole lowveld buckles down to provide the high season of safari travel amazing experiences. Our Africa Photographic services hosts and tutors are getting ready for the busy period.

Magic in Abundance

In the guide accommodation there is a beautiful painting of a version of the “Garden of Eden”, which is simply titled Magic in Abundance. At center of this painting, there is a Leopard. So its with little surprise that Londolozi is so well known for the Leopard viewing, they have records dating back multiple generations.

Mashaba’s Cubs

So a highlight of this particular safari was being the second group of visitors to seethe very young cubs of the Mashaba female and possibly being the first to photograph these little bundles of fur. Photograph, being relative to having an imagination of trying to separate the rosettes between mother and cubs.

Other sightings

As always with a visit to Londolozi, we had a diversity animal life to point our camera’s at, below is a small selection of some of our sightings.

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