5 reasons how a Photo-walk can reinvigorate your photography

5 reasons how a Photo-walk can reinvigorate your photography 3
Photography to me is more than just the end photograph that a camera produces. Its become a tool to meet and interact with people that share a common interest, photography. Its this aspect that I enjoy so much, when I am guiding photographers specifically on safaris that I lead and host for Africa Photographic services. While chatting to people that pop into our office (West end shopping center, inside the Training Edge gym) to rent photographic gear or have come on a workshop. I have realized that a lot of people are like me, we have a keen interest to just talk about photography and share our experiences. So I thought where would be a great place for photographers to go on a social level? Now in thoery a photography club would be the ideal, but its seems these are a tad formal for the hobby photographer and especially those that are not yet comfortable sharing their work with others. I think the joy of photography is not only in showing your work but more importantly making photography a social event where we can actually get out and about to take photographs together with other photographers.
While looking for an alternative, I stumbled upon the idea of a Photowalk. Which is basically an activity where photographers gather in a particular location and walk together to take photos, this may be on a predetermined route. There usually aren’t any requirements; just bring any camera you like and shoot anything that interests you. Sounds perfect!
Going on a photowalk are a great learning environment and heres why …
5 reasons how a Photo-walk can reinvigorate your photography 1

ONE: Getting out and shooting

The difficult thing for most social or hobby photographers is that don’t find or make opportunities to just get out and photograph the world around them and often the lack of motivation is because they don’t have anybody to go with. Photo walks are usually a monthly event with set dates that forces photographers to make time or they miss out. For working professional photographers a photo walk provides a situation to just enjoy photography and not have the pressures of clients and deadlines.

TWO: Great Learning Environment thats offers more safety

With the diversity of photographers and the social atmosphere of a photo walk its a great environment for photographers to share and learn from each other. So we suggest tagging along with one of our Photographic hosts during the walk, so you can have any questions answered. The more you ask the more you will learn, however please share any information you may think that would help any other photographer.

Safety is naturally a concern for photographers and often this is the reason they prefer not to venture to certain regions, now we always say be carefyl when out with your camera gear. But being in a group creates a much safer environment.

5 reasons how a Photo-walk can reinvigorate your photography 2

THREE: Being Challenged

Each photo walk will have a photographic theme for that specific walk, these themes are designed to challenge the photographers to think beyond the literal act of just taking a photograph. It gets photographers out of their comfort zone and pushes them to do things that they typically would not have done. The walks provide a perfect practical environment for any photographer to test there own creativity and understanding of these photographic themes.

FOUR: Helps Build Confidence

Photo walks is a positive environment that will help a new hobby photographer build their confidence and morale. Especially when you level the playing field with photographic subject matter. Its a tremendous rush to share your work with others and have it appreciated and it will encouraged a photographer to continue with their passion rather than doubting it or giving it up. There is also a great reward in sharing a new skill or technique with others.

FIVE: Creating connections

There is the energy and atmosphere created when you bring together a group of like-minded individuals with a common goal and in this there will be exchange ideas, sharing of work, build contacts and It goes with out saying that you will be making new friends. The photography walks introduce photographers to great photographic places close to home and often through the walks connections are made with the care takers of these places, which could offer venues for future projects.

5 reasons how a Photo-walk can reinvigorate your photography 3

So if you are looking for an opportunity to get out and take some photographs in the company of other like minded photographers, then check out this Photowalk group, in Nelspruit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LowveldPhotoWalks/

There first outing is on the 14 of January at 15:00 that afternoon, which is perfect as we have an introduction to Digital photography workshop at the office in the morning.

Hope to see you there,