Working with Waterbuck

Kicking up a conversation at breakfast after our first day of safaris often reveals what a client is looking to gain from there safari. Those first to activity gives them a lay of the land. It also builds an understanding of what can be expected from the safaris at a new destination. Art (our guest) and my self chatted about what we had seen. How we could try and improve on some of the photographs that he had taken already.

Finding our Waterbuck

Art mentioned that he had seen a moment, where a Waterbuck stands facing away from the camera, but turns and looks over its shoulder back at the camera. This position reveals it face and its white bum circle. And he would like to see if he could get into a similar position again. Well the quest started in earnest, you would think it would be a simple photograph to capture. But having a water back turn its head that far around is more difficult that just moving its feet to look back. So we got plenty side on views …

The first real opportunity for the desired image, and the bus drive past in the back ground … fortunately Art saw the humor in the moment!

Finally a Waterbuck posed according to our breakfast table plan.

Other Sightings

Another target photograph was to get a wider angle photograph of a herd of elephants cross a sand bar on the Sand River. The usual suspects came out to have their photographs taken, which is what one comes to expect from Londolozi. We numerous Leopards sightings and general game.

Thanks to Finn and Innocent, you were a great team and your communication with us the photographers was great. You made us part of the safari planning and this really helps for a successful safari.