Makanyi Hosting July 2017

I am back at Makanyi

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have made a lot of friends while guiding photographers. This past month I had hosted two repeat clients at Makanyi. This great relationship between Africa Photographic services and Makanyi, has only grown over the years. Because of this we have started to see a great amount of return clients. This is what Africa Photographic services does, we had amazing value onto an already amazing safari experiences.

Wilddogs denning on Makanyi

So if you want to see wild dog at the moment, quite frankly you need to go to Makanyi. The Ngala pack have been denning on the reserve and the Makanyi guides have been viewing the little pups for over a month now. The den has been chosen fairly close to camp and in a really good location by the alpha pair. So getting to the den site early in the morning is fairly straight forward, with plenty of time for the area to settle down before the sun rises.

Other Game

As always the lion viewing at Makanyi is really productive and managed to view two prides over our period at the camp. Both the Birmingham and Avoca Prides have young cubs at the moment. So even during the warmer parts of the day there is still a fair amount of activity for our photographers to focus on. We also found and managed to photograph a variety of general game , this southern areas of the timbavati generally have a higher density of general game than what we have found in other places.

Thank you,

I would just like to thank Rico and Carmen and all their staff for another great stay at Makanyi. They really do go above and beyond for their photographic clients that we host on their behalf.


Hilton Kotze