Exporations Africa Hosted at Makanyi May 2017

Private Photographic Hosting

As part of our Private Photographic hosting, we recently hosted Dan MacKenzie. Together with his wife Antoinette they manage and own Explorations Africa. Canadian based safari company that we specialises in creating custom designed African adventures based entirely on their clients particular needs, personality and interests. With the increase in their photographic travel. They were looking for a company that could help them facilitate a photographic experience to their clients. So part of Dans visit was to meet the Africa Photographic services team, but more to see how our each of our safari support systems work. These support systems turn any game viewing vehicle into a dedicated photographic safari vehicle. We also helped him understand how we approach the safari expense when guiding photographers. Central to our photographic hosted experience is that we challenge our photographers with techniques and skills that compliment a wildlife sighting.

We had a variety of different sightings during our 2 night stay at Makanyi. Even with a short duration of time we decided to rather work specific sightings intensively to get the best possible images from them. These were complimented with a few filler sightings along the way to and from our main objectives. We had two amazing sightings during our short stay, one with the large Open pack of Wilddogs. That look like they are going to den on Makanyi very soon. The other being a great morning spent with a pod of hippo in a large water hole at sun rise. Below I share a few images from the 4 game drives we did.

Thank you

A big thank you to Dan for allowing us to show him what we do and how we do it and we hope this is the start to a great relationship between Africa photographic services and Explorations Africa. We would also like too Thank Rico, Carmen and the whole team at Makanyi for looking after Dan and myself so well, it is always such a pleasant stay.