Business & Corporate Photography

In business, a professional image that represents your company has the ability to build strong brand health and potentially close a sale. Africa Photographic Services offers images that are welcoming yet professional. Our style and approach to corporate photographic commissions is to shoot on location. We create a true corporate identity and the shoots are quick and seamless, and save our clients time and money. We are currently the leading Business and Corporate Photographic service in the Lowveld area with potential to expand across Mpumalanga and beyond.

Corporate Portrait Photography

No matter what your business or your position, as part of a successful marketing strategy to build a strong brand image, you need to consider profession corporate portraits of the business and its executives.

Africa Photographic Services provides professional quality, corporate images that bring your brand and corporate identity into focus. With same day, high resolution image delivery. These are perfect for websites, business cards, brochures and all your marketing & social media needs.

Product Photography

Product Photography (also known as Stock Photography) is a highly sought after service that demands extreme professionalism and exceptional technique. Africa Photographic Services delivers exactly that. Incorporating elements of technique, equipment, and creativity, our photographers have the ability to photograph a range of products as either isolated item against a while background which would be ideal for a business marketing their products or in a lifestyle setting showing the use and functionality of the product.

Architecture Photography

A famous architect once said Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves. Architecture serves as a voice to express the artistic stance of the architect at that time. Photography takes a step further to interpret architecture in several ways. What used to be an accurate portrayal of the structure has now gradually evolved into a manipulation of different perspectives to bring out the interesting elements of a single structure. The art of photographing architecture takes on many forms. Whether it is photographing the exterior or interior, many awe-inspiring images can be resulted with the correct techniques and more importantly, the observant eye to spot the different points of view. Africa Photographic Services provides modern and contemporary architecture photography, interior spaces and architectural details

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