Photographic Consulting Service

The services listed already are our core products, however we have worked with a wide variety of stake holders in the industry to build products specific to there needs and requirements. Consulting on Photographic hide constructions, dedicated game-viewers, camera support systems, to itinerary planning and photographic Hubs or educational centers.

Photographic Hide designs & locations

Wildlife hides are always a great way for guests and clients to spend the middle periods of a day between game viewing activities. With the growing trend in photographic tourism, these have become even more popular, however the layout and location cannot be a “one plan, fits all” when it comes to building & designing the hides.

We have over the years spend numerous hours photographing wildlife from within a number of prominent photographic hides and have seen the pros and cons of each, so our experience is from the user and not the builder. Which is ultimately more important.

Photographic game viewing vehicle design

As with the photographic hides, providing a vehicle custom designed for photographic safaris or modifying exciting vehicles to allow photographers to mount there camera gear and provide free movement is central to the complete photographic experience. We are able to help with both of these, firstly we have consulted on a number of dedicated photographic vehicles. Secondly we provide a rental service to photographic support systems that can be mounted on standard game viewer or alternative we a registered retailer of these systems.

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