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We are specialists in safari destination photography providing a full range of lodge photographic services, in the South African Low-veld.


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Lodge & Hotel Photography

For the Lodge Owner

The only perception a potential client has of your hotel are the images they see either through print media or online. This means bookings can surely be won or lost on the quality of a single image. We believe in reflecting the brand the establishment wishes to portray without being too obvious, subtle messaging within a picture. At APS we produce great hotel photography, pure and simple!

With our roots being in the safari industry, we are also able to create the feeling and atmosphere of being on safari.

And the Travel Agents

We are able to photograph every facet of a safari operation and our service is not limited to just the location based operations. Our photographers are also available to accompany travel agents on the annual site visits to photograph the various properties on their portfolios. This is a unique service, as it produces unique high quality images that can be used in print and digital media.

Exterior photography

On our arrival we try and envision how light will fall onto the building, to capture one of the critical images that you will require for your marketing, this is an amazing exterior photograph of your Guest House and Hotel. Our whole exterior photography shoot would revolve almost around this single image and we will plan to capture this image at the perfect time of day. The other exterior shots are all complimentary to this main image.

Lodge & Hotel Photography 5
Lodge & Hotel Photography 2
Lodge & Hotel Photography 3
Lodge & Hotel Photography 4

Interior photography

For the most part we are able to photograph your interiors at any time of the day as we use addition lighting to add punch and clarity to your rooms. This is done with the utmost professionalism and care as we don’t want to over state the rooms, but rather bring out their best attributes.
Any room that leads out to gardens or patios, we try to shoot then during particular times of the day to have the light just right so there are no external or internal contrasts in light, so as to ensure flow from indoors to outdoors.
Lodge & Hotel Photography 6
Lodge & Hotel Photography 9
Lodge & Hotel Photography 18
Lodge & Hotel Photography 10

Food and Beverage Photography

A great addition to any Guesthouse and Hotel photography portfolio is a collection of food and beverage images. We photograph these images in a range of styles from elegant and sophisticated dishes to wholesome farmstyle meals. We capture the details of what you prepare and serve, these images are perfect compliment the rest of the portfolio.

Lodge & Hotel Photography 17
Lodge & Hotel Photography 12
Lodge & Hotel Photography 30
Lodge & Hotel Photography 32

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do you require to photograph a Guest house or Hotel?

The photo shoot can take anywhere from a single day to multiple days, it depends on what your requirements are and the size of the property. Few of the key photographs can only be photographed early or late in the day, so to some degree the weather may play a part, but generally a single full day for most properties will be enough.

What is the costs for your guests house and hotel photography service?

We offer various types of pricing structures, depending on the size, location and requirements of the shoot. Please contact us outlining your needs in order for us to accurately provide you with a quotation.

When is the best time to shoot my property?

There is a small window of time known as the “Golden Hour” between twilight/sunset and sunset/twilight where the colors and tones of an image are greatly complimented by the softer lighting in the sky. This is often the best time to shoot exterior shots. The rest of the interior shots can be done during the middle periods of the day.

When are you available?

Our dates and availability vary greatly depending on the seasonality and weather conditions but you are more than welcome to contact us with your proposed dates to check availability and we will respond as soon as possible.

How are the images delivered?

Images can be sent to you via Dropbox or any alternative that best suites your needs. Due to the sizes of the images we are unable to send them via email without compressing them which reduces their quality. Alternative methods of delivery can be arranged on request.

Are you able to travel to photograph my Hotel or Guest house?

We sure can! However any location outside a 10km radius of either Nelspruit of White river we will be built the travel costs into the quotation.

What file format do your deliver the images as?

We can supply in any file format your require, however generally we supply

  • Large web images for websites
  • Low res for your social media feeds
  • Hi res Images for your own achieving for further use and print media

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