Private Photographic Hosting & Guiding service

We facilitate a private photographic experience, for photographers that are going on safaris that are designed and arranged by travel agents and safari lodges


Private Photographic Safari Hosting & Guiding service

We facilitate a private photographic experience, for photographers that are going on safaris that are designed and arranged by travel agents and safari lodges

Photographic Hosting and Guiding, A service the Safari industry requires.

Photographic Hosting and Guiding, is an experience that photography enthusiast are increasingly looking for in their safari destinations. There has been an notable increase in the demand for this niche experience, that has seen a growth in the amount of private photographic safari operators that photography enthusiast can book with. However there has been a growing need for a company that is not a travel agency, to provide a professional hosting and guiding service. It would help travel agents and safari lodges that are not photography orientated, to cater to their clients.

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How we can help …

Africa Photographic Services  provide just that photographic guiding service to the Safari Industry. We are not a travel agency, so travel agents can plan their client’s tour as they normally would and we only facilitate the private photography experience. We guarantee a high standard of photographic safari guiding that is well respected in the industry. All our photographers come from the hospitality and safari industries and good understanding on how to the flow of a safari works.

Photographic Safari Hosting and Guiding
Photographic Hosting and Guiding 16
Photographic Safaris Hosting,Guiding
Photographic Safaris Hosting,Guiding
Photographic Safaris Hosting,Guiding
Photographic Hosting and Guiding
Photographic Safari Hosting and Guiding
Photographic Hosting and Guiding 15
Photographic Hosting and Guiding 24

Safari & Hosting reports

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Providing the Safari industry with a niche photographic hosting service

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Facilitating Photographic Experiences With the growth in photographic travel in recent years, we have seen a lot of specialised photo Safari Company’s start operating throughout the continent. This growth has left…

Danielle Carstens Danielle Carstens  October 12 2017 0008 600x403 - Simbavati 11-15 October 2017

Simbavati 11-15 October 2017

| Danielle Carstens, Host, Photographic Hosting, Wildlife Photography Workshop | No Comments

It is always special to experience the bush through a guest’s eyes – especially someone who visits South Africa for the first time. I was fortunate to host our guest…

Londolozi 9 to 11 August 2017 15

Londolozi 9 to 11 August 2017

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Giving our clients the ability to make their own images A critical part of any time spent with any of our (Africa Photographic Services) tutors or hosts, is that they...
Tintswalo Safari July 2017 48

Tintswalo Safari July 2017

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A Safari weekend in the Manyeleti One of the important skills of all our Africa Photographic Services guides/hosts are that they have a background in the hospitality industry. This makes…

Our Photographic Guides & Hosts

Our guides & tutors have extensive knowledge in both guiding and wildlife photography with a combined experience of over 45 years in the hospitality industry, a safari facilitated by one of our guides assures you of a privately guided experience that is world class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?

The goal of our private tutors, is to teach, guide and mentor photographers in all aspects of wildlife photography.

Your private guide will show you how to use different light sources individually and in combination with each other to add impact to an image, ambient light, flash and spotlight, side lighting, back lighting and direct light which can all add great drama to a photograph. He will go through all the possibilities of scenarios and settings, giving you a usable workflow that will work for you in the field. Being highly experienced and knowledgeable wildlife guides as well, he will teach you how to watch and listen to nature as she will give up her secrets to you as you observe your chosen subject so you can start to build a picture of what is happening around you and use these skills in the future. The use of these skills will arm you with the best opportunities to photograph the natural beauty, expressions and behaviour of our diverse wildlife.

Your private guide will also assist and advise you on post processing programmes such as Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop. He will assist you in managing your photographs in a library format which will enable you to find and display your images quickly and easily. Your photographic guide will assist you with editing images in a way that will bring them to life, adding impact and getting the best out of them, making you want to hang them in your own home.

Who would enjoy private Photographic tution?

Our private guides are available to all photographers of any skill level from beginner to advanced, the tuition offered is tailored to the individual needs of each photographer. Whether you are just starting out, like we once did, or a professional, we believe you never stop learning, it is our aim and promise to you to improve your photography while learning how to listen, and watch for the tell tale signs mother nature will show you, this will help you to understand your subject just that much more, which is one of the key elements of wildlife photography and just as important as the camera skills we will teach you.

A private guided workshop is ideal for individual travellers as well as small groups of up to 6 travellers per guide.

How much does it cost?

Rate is calculated on a per guide basis and is based on a maximum of 6 guests per guide.
Many variables would influence the cost of a privately guided safari, including length of stay, number of countries, private flights and amount of people on the safari would all affect the total cost. However don’t let this concern you, contact us today for the experience of a lifetime, and you might just be surprised.

Travel trade partners, Lodges, agents and tour operators are welcome to contact us regarding preferential rates.

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