Flash Photography Workshop

Become a strobist and take control of your flash
If you intend on shooting: Weddings, Fashion, Portraits, PR and Events, Live music and concerts, Low light conditions. For any of the above you will need to know how to use your speed light (Flash)
When most people purchase their first flash, the idea is that you can place the flash on the camera switch it on Auto and start shooting with all the auto computing technology in the flash and camera taking care of producing the perfectly exposed photos. However In reality you often get much the opposite with varying exposures and very shadowy photos.
This workshop has very little theory and loads of practical, we will teach you how to get started using your flash and you will walk away with not only understanding your flash but also the knowledge of being able to control your it, plus being able to create some great creative techniques.

Camera Requirements
You will need an SLR camera to part take in this workshop, arrangements can be made to hire cameras if you don’t own one, please ask when booking.

Flash Requirements
You will also need your own flash gun (speed light) to take part. If you are a Canon user we recommend the 430EX2, 580EX or 600EX for Nikon users we recommend the SB600-700 or SB900-910. Other camera brand users please contact us in advance to make sure your equipment is suitable. Arrangements can be made to hire flashes if you don’t own one, please ask when booking.

Lens Requirements
We recommend a lens in the focal length of 18-200mm for this. Arrangements can be made to hire lenses if you don’t own one, please ask when booking.

Dates & Prices

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