A Safari weekend in the Manyeleti

One of the important skills of all our Africa Photographic Services guides/hosts are that they have a background in the hospitality industry. This makes them multi skilled and not just photographers. So from time to time, our guides fill other roles and recently Etienne was asked to freelance at Tintswalo. So it was a weekend filled with new friends and a lot of Lions!

Lions Lions and more Lions

Lion populations vary in a region and every where goes through it highs and lows. Currently the Lion population in the Manyeleti is doing phenomenally well. The very first afternoon was a search for the 4 Avoca males that had made there way into the reserve from the northern Kruger boundary. The were found feeding off a Buffalo kill from the previous day. With constant roaring through out the night. They made there presence very know to all the other prides and coalitions in the area. One of which was the 2 Thanda Impi brothers and the Mbiri pride that are often found around the Tintswalo lodges. They are impressive pride and when all together total 17 Lions. They were the main viewing we had over the past weekend.

General Game

Between all the Lions viewing we saw everything else one would expect to see in the region. With only a leopard narrowly being missed. Narrowly because on two different occasions we heard them calling. The highlight sighting was actually of a Puff Adder. We found s snake trail heading towards a close by water hole and after a few minutes of “careful” searching we found it. Still on the move towards the water. So we waited, after 20 minutes we were rewarded. A first for me, watching a snake drink water.

Another treat was between drives and watching the very interesting interactions of the elephant bulls that make there way to the lodge every day to “catch” water.

Over and above the game viewing one of the special aspects of this time of the year is the quality of light. The sun takes a slightly northerly route, which turn the golden hour into a golden 2 hours. Added to this is the dust in the air, yes not always a photographers friend, but it definitely add plenty of atmosphere to a scene being photographed.

Thank you Tintswalo

Just a big thank you to Alistair and Emily for hosting us so well and the rest of the Tintswalo team for an absolutely amazing weekend. I enjoyed it and the guests I guided for you definitely did as well …




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